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The un-Official Word

Yesterday, Brent’s detailer (guy who assigns us to our next duty station) emailed that he has “put us in those [Whidbey Island] orders.”  We will not get our actual orders for a number of weeks due to finances in the Navy, but we’re taking that as a 99% YES.

I’m SO excited.

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time online over the last 24 hours looking up anything and everything!  Here are some of the fun things I have found…

Grass-Fed Beef Rancher on a nearby island

Whidbey Island Waldorf School

Local CSA run by people studying to become organic farmers

Sustainable local winery

Kid’s Okinawan-style Karate Classes

A realty company on Whidbey

Hoping to use this blog to document our journey to Whidbey from Okinawa and the paths we walk while in the Pacific NorthWest!  Join us!

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