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Dress Up Princess Party

Jake is at a birthday party without me for the first time right now.  One of his friends from preschool is having a princess party, but Jake was invited along with the other girls.  Her mom told me all the girls were dressing up and that Jake could too if he wanted.  This is the outfit he came up with this morning:

He was so proud of himself.  And so was I.

But after I dropped him off I got to thinking that his outfit is exactly how I feel these days.  A bit “fish out of water.”  Like maybe I showed up for the wrong party or I am not quite at the right address or I didn’t read the invitation well.

Last night my mom mentioned that she hasn’t seen me on FB in awhile and that I need to post new pix of Kira.  She’s right and I think something is happening to my brain.  The only way I can describe it is as a tunnel.  Like my normally broad multi-tasking mind has narrowed to go through the PCS tunnel.  And anything extraneous to said move is being filtered out to the side.

So my focus of late is all about organization.  (Not that you could tell if you could see my living room at the moment.) Tuesday night was our last house buying class and a short date night (curry at Coco’s — crossing that off the list of last places to eat on island) and a lot of discussion about money and moving and budgeting.  I spent Wednesday afternoon spraying and wiping and scrubbing out the containers I had out back for planting — no sense in leaving those behind cuz they are relatively expensive to replace.  I spent Wednesday night organizing my Creative Memories products because I have a few people interested in buying my old stuff (at 50% off if you wanna give me a holler!).  Course now the boxes of CM stuff are filling the corner of our living room.  Thursday night was all about getting ready for our final photo shoot on Okinawa — with the sakura (cherry blossoms).  And yesterday I sold some of the scrapbooking stuff and then headed off to smile, smile, smile for the camera.

I feel like I need special equipment to gaze into this tunnel of PCSing.  Maybe I need to borrow Jake’s outfit to survive it all.

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On the first of January I was shocked out of my laissez-faire attitude towards moving with the arrival of an email from NAS Whidbey Island which began:

“It’s approximately 90 days until your PCS date and you are probably starting to plan your move.”


I’ve been saying all along that we’d be moving in April or May.  But since orders hadn’t (and haven’t) come through yet, I just kept sort of bee-bopping along.  Happy with our life as it is and assuming the future would unfold in a timely manner.

I don’t know about you, but NINETY DAYS is no kind of “timely” as far as I’m concerned.

It was about 9pm when I received the email and I’d been getting ready to go to bed (having stayed up until the ungodly hour of 1am the night before to watch the bell get donged again and again and again (and 105 more agains) in Japan).  BUT, when the email came in, my heart started racing and my mind began to whirl around like a dervish (btw, did you ever see the Amazing Race where we got to actually find out what the heck a whirling dervish is???).  I spent the next 3 hours making lists that go something like:

January Week 1:  Loose my mind.

January Week 2:  Find mind and make it write lists.



All of this brought to mind the fun of sitting down with Brent, having just gotten engaged, and typing our wedding date into TheKnot.com.  In the upper left hand corner of the screen, a cute little boxed popped up that said, “88 days til the big day!”  And then when I clicked on the “Calendar of Things to Do” I was like six months behind on things I was supposed to have done in order to be allowed to get married.  Sigh.

But, the big day DID come 88 days later, and all was perfect.  So.  BIG BREATH.

I haven’t actually done any of the January Week One things yet, but I did get a bee in my bonnet about the boxes and boxes and boxes (and add 105 more here) of kid’s clothes we seem to have upstairs.  Rumor has it that there are a couple shops around that buy good kid’s clothes.  And being the Dave Ramsey devotee that I am, I intend to “sell so much, the kids think they’re next…”  So I now have 2 boxes to try to sell, and 3 boxes that I will attempt to take to the flea market.

Unfortunately, I hate flea markets.  I hate that I’ve already discounted these things down WAY past what they are worth but you STILL try to offer me half the price.  So I’ve been thinking that I’m going to decide EVERYTHING is 100 yen ($1) but say it’s 200 yen.  That way, I can come down a ton and still get more than I wanted.  I’m hoping to visit Camp Courtney’s flea market this weekend and then take stuff to sell in two weeks.  Will keep you posted.

But the count is on.

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