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Nearly a year…

So I really have no good excuse.  It’s been a year since I last wrote.

I could blame it on moving thousands of miles across the ocean.

I could blame it on having three preschoolers.

I could blame it on the sunshine.

But I think I’m going to blame it on FaceBook for all the potential writing time it sucks from me each day.

It’s time to make a change and get some of my life recorded here again.

Will begin with our family trip starting in a few days.  Brent has completed his year of Navy school and is on leave until he reports to his new ship and deploys.  So we’re off on an adventure!  Lots of family and friends, with a little Aquarium, National Parks, and Disneyland-action thrown in…

And off we go…


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One of the nicest things about our first year in San Diego has been that we moved here within weeks of some great friends from Hawai’i.

Eight years ago on Oahu, Karen and I spent a lot of time together while our husbands were deployed.  We didn’t have kids and were both vegetarian and so would venture out to fun restaurants and spend time on the phone just chatting.

Fast forward to today and she has two beautiful kiddos, neither of us are vegetarian anymore and we have to steal time to chat anymore (though working out at the YMCA together helps!).  Jake talks constantly about when he’ll next get to play with her son.  And her daughter is just about 5 months older than Kira.  They all have so much fun together.  What a blessing their family has been to us already!

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When I went in to check on Quinn the other night he was not surprisingly snuggled up with his white bear (purchased for him before his birth at Nitori in Japan) and, quite oddly… his cow.  The cow that is a Wheely Bug and is hard and not at all comfy or cuddly.  But maybe he was successfully contrasting that with the fuzzy warmth of a “quilt” (in quotations because nothing about it is quilted — “pieced” would be more accurate) that he discovered recently.  I made the quilt about 18 years ago during a summer trip with Merrilee to Lake Powell.  Our trip was cancelled because the houseboat broke down — but we managed to cut all our fabric squares and, if I remember correctly, laid them out on the driveway to order them and then get them sewn together.  Funny to me that he’s fallen in love with it.

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Park near Otay Ranch

Our “Things to Do in SoCal with Kids” book has been getting some action.  We followed directions to get to this park and left Brent alone to finish his homework.

The park area was pretty usual but my kids managed to figure out how to do the unusual.

Love how much fun they all have together.

The awesome part of the park was the DUCK POND!!  I think they could have happily gone through 3-4 loaves of bread.

And ice cream afterwards!  A great day!

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Swimming Lessons

One of the realities of having a bigger family is that activity classes become prohibitively expensive.  Because of that, I keep my eye out for good deals!

The YMCA announced half price swimming lessons for the month of March and so I jumped at the chance.  Of course, the reason for the discount is that no one WANTS to take swimming lessons in March because it’s still so DANG COOOOOLLLLDDDDD!!!  My poor kids are blue lipped and shivering every day after class — but the boys are troopers and just kick harder and harder!  Kira, on the other hand, starts crying before we get in the water.  So her lessons have been rather abbreviated.  Hoping I’m not scarring her for life…

I do know that the post-lesson burger helped them all.

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Tuesday was Free-Pancake-Day at IHOP.  One of the things we missed most in Okinawa were big breakfast places!  Was super fun to take the kiddos and nosh a bit!

Then we headed off to Resident Free Tuesday at Balboa Park.  Natural History Museum on this day.  We met Evonne and Alma there with their kids — something we are trying to do more regularly!!  They are currently having a Snakes & Lizards exhibit.  Saw some great stuff including this HUGE water monitor:

Kira swinging with L, who is just a few weeks older.

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