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I have to say that I’m a little proud of myself for sticking with One Bite at a Time for 11 whole weeks already. ¬†Blogging about it hasn’t gone quite as well, but at least I’m doing the work! ūüôā

Last week was Week #10 and it was a difficult concept for me — trying to Establish a Morning Routine (#3). ¬†The reason it was hard (besides dealing with “springing forward” and losing a precious hour of sleep), is that Tsh wanted the focus on things for ME. ¬†Things that would help start the day in a nice way for ME. ¬†This was not about chores, household organization or being a good mom. ¬†This felt like it needed to really be sort of a “spa moment” in the day.

So the first thing I came up with was painting my nails. ¬†At MOPS a few weeks ago, we had a “nail station” and I realized that I NEVER paint my nails any more. ¬†Mostly because I then never can be bothered to REMOVE the chipping, peeling paint. ¬†And 900 years ago in Mrs. Brizendine’s 7th grade class, we were told by a guest speaker that we should NEVER have chipping nail polish. ¬†For some crazy reason that stuck with me. ¬†But a lot stuck with me from that school year including a love of Louis L’Amour and my a strangely enlightening conversation during girl’s PE one day about Kegels. ¬†But I digress…

I had just bought some new fingernail polish on sale/with coupons at CVS and so I decided to add that to my morning routine.  Painting on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, removing on Friday and Monday mornings.

But that didn’t seem like enough.

It took me all week to realize that I wanted to incorporate something into my morning routine that I wish I had time to do.  That I always PLAN to do but never GET to do because the necessities always get in the way.  There are two things right now that fall into that category (well, there are millions, but two on the top of my list):  Project Life (my new non-scrapbooker-scrapbooking attempt) and Blogging.

So, I’m excited to say those items have been added into the schedule for Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday mornings.

The basic morning routine is: ¬†BIG glass of water (realized I prefer to take my coffee in my new big coffee travel mug in the car in the morning), devotional time/prayer, nails/blog/PL, Daily Plan and off and running for the day…

Week #11: ¬†I was still processing/working through the idea of last week’s bite during most of this week. ¬†So I’m cheating this week and doing #28: ¬†Creating a Monthly Budget. ¬†We have been doing this faithfully for about four years based on Dave Ramsey’s stuff, and so I can cross this one out without hesitation. ¬†I have also designed a better plan for picking up our cash at payday from the bank — just dragging the kids with me (because for some reason they always have a kid’s movie playing in NFCU!).

Not sure what I’ll do for next week… have a few days to decide.

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How Dinosaurs Say Goodnight

Quinn’s final acting class was this week and we were invited to join in for the last 15 minutes of class for a little performance and to see what they’ve worked on during this session. ¬†It was SO fun. ¬†We have not been able to observe the class before so it was really great to see what Quinn has been up to! ¬†I took lots of video and Brent took lots of pictures (which I haven’t seen yet — will add later)… so if you aren’t a grandparent, this might be too much!

The “performance” started with a discussion of the “Actor’s Stance” that the students were all taught: ¬†focused attention, no talking or wiggling. ¬†The students demonstrated for us very well! ¬†But anytime the teacher would turn away, they’d get all wiggly and silly — but snap back to attention when he looked their way. ¬†It was super cute — this video catches just the end of it…

Quinn’s Dino Performance I from Joelle Yamada on Vimeo.

Next the students introduced their dinosaurs. ¬†Quinn’s is named Trona and he tells about him here…

Quinn’s Dino Performance II from Joelle Yamada on Vimeo.

Next it was time for the book. ¬†They had learned to act out a bedtime story, “How Dinosaurs Say Goodnight.” ¬†I took lots of video — but here’s just one from the performance…

Quinn’s Dino Performance III from Joelle Yamada on Vimeo.

After the book, they showed us the Dinosaur Hunts they went on each week.  This might have been my favorite part because Quinn really gets into it and I love seeing him express himself so joyfully! (3 videos here)

This one begins with what Quinn would like to take in his backpack for the hunt…

Sorry about the sound on this one — I think I was covering the mic…

Quinn’s Dino Performance IV from Joelle Yamada on Vimeo.

Quinn’s Dino Performance V from Joelle Yamada on Vimeo.

Quinn’s Dino Performance VI from Joelle Yamada on Vimeo.

I’m so glad we chose to put Quinn in these classes. ¬†If possibly, I think his imaginative play at home has even increased (it was already pretty great) since taking this class. ¬†We are excited to start the new session next week!

Yeah Quinn!  Great job, Buddy!  We are so proud of you!

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I didn’t do anything for week 9 and forgot to post about week 8. ¬†Oh well. ¬†Moving on. ¬†ūüôā

During Week #8 of my walk through One Bite at a Time, I focused on #16 – Schedule regular date nights. ¬†As I mentioned, we are swapping date night babysitting with some friends and it is working fantastically! ¬†That means we only get to go out every other week, but it seems more frequent than that because it’s at least a regular thing! ¬†We went last week to The Linkery, a local food restaurant I’d wanted to go to for over a year. ¬†They make their own sausage and have a great collection of cheeses and other yumminess as well. ¬†We loved our dinner and had fun just enjoying each other, knowing that we wouldn’t have to spend half our date night budget on the babysitter! ¬†So BIG success with this one.

This week, I’m going to try to “complete” what I’ve have already begun with #18 (Get more Sleep), #19 (Dump your brain), #39 (Create a daily to-do list), & #47 (Wake up earlier) by attempting to work out #3: Establish a Morning Routine.

When I read Tsh’s thoughts on this, the thing that struck me is that she’s not talking about the chores I will do first thing in the morning. ¬†She’s talking about how I want to start my day for me. ¬†What is it that I can do first thing every day that will set a nice tone for the day? ¬†Things related to me and not others. ¬†In other words, I will Eat My Frog (#1) after the morning routine — not as part of it. ¬†She had a number of suggestions — some of which apply to me, some don’t. ¬†So I need to give this some thought. ¬†I know that a devotional time will be included because I’m already doing that now, but then I often get sucked into stupid FaceBook or something like that and don’t really have a nice start to the day. ¬†SO. ¬†Going to mull a bit and come up with something that sounds warm and inviting to me. ¬†Maybe that will help me get out of bed.

Make sure these five tasks focus on you, and not others. Don‚Äôt check your e-mail or Twitter, don‚Äôt make your kids‚Äô lunches just yet, and don‚Äôt return a phone call. Those things will come in just a few minutes‚ÄĒ first, do these other things that feed your soul. Discover a sweet morning routine that fills your cup.

Will keep you posted.

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