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I have to say that I’m a little proud of myself for sticking with One Bite at a Time for 11 whole weeks already. ¬†Blogging about it hasn’t gone quite as well, but at least I’m doing the work! ūüôā

Last week was Week #10 and it was a difficult concept for me — trying to Establish a Morning Routine (#3). ¬†The reason it was hard (besides dealing with “springing forward” and losing a precious hour of sleep), is that Tsh wanted the focus on things for ME. ¬†Things that would help start the day in a nice way for ME. ¬†This was not about chores, household organization or being a good mom. ¬†This felt like it needed to really be sort of a “spa moment” in the day.

So the first thing I came up with was painting my nails. ¬†At MOPS a few weeks ago, we had a “nail station” and I realized that I NEVER paint my nails any more. ¬†Mostly because I then never can be bothered to REMOVE the chipping, peeling paint. ¬†And 900 years ago in Mrs. Brizendine’s 7th grade class, we were told by a guest speaker that we should NEVER have chipping nail polish. ¬†For some crazy reason that stuck with me. ¬†But a lot stuck with me from that school year including a love of Louis L’Amour and my a strangely enlightening conversation during girl’s PE one day about Kegels. ¬†But I digress…

I had just bought some new fingernail polish on sale/with coupons at CVS and so I decided to add that to my morning routine.  Painting on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, removing on Friday and Monday mornings.

But that didn’t seem like enough.

It took me all week to realize that I wanted to incorporate something into my morning routine that I wish I had time to do.  That I always PLAN to do but never GET to do because the necessities always get in the way.  There are two things right now that fall into that category (well, there are millions, but two on the top of my list):  Project Life (my new non-scrapbooker-scrapbooking attempt) and Blogging.

So, I’m excited to say those items have been added into the schedule for Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday mornings.

The basic morning routine is: ¬†BIG glass of water (realized I prefer to take my coffee in my new big coffee travel mug in the car in the morning), devotional time/prayer, nails/blog/PL, Daily Plan and off and running for the day…

Week #11: ¬†I was still processing/working through the idea of last week’s bite during most of this week. ¬†So I’m cheating this week and doing #28: ¬†Creating a Monthly Budget. ¬†We have been doing this faithfully for about four years based on Dave Ramsey’s stuff, and so I can cross this one out without hesitation. ¬†I have also designed a better plan for picking up our cash at payday from the bank — just dragging the kids with me (because for some reason they always have a kid’s movie playing in NFCU!).

Not sure what I’ll do for next week… have a few days to decide.

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I wrote about the book, One Bite at a Time HERE and I wanted to update my progress:

Week 1: #48 – Using an Envelope system.

This was an easy one for me (and it was the last day of the week when I started) because we already do this (thanks, Dave Ramsey!). ¬†I don’t do traditional envelopes, I actually have this fancy app for my iPhone called, amazingly, Envelopes. I withdraw all our cash on payday and subtract on my phone as I go. ¬†Highly, HIGHLY recommend.

Week 2: #34 РDrink more water.  

I did some reading and it seems that 2 liters is the rule of thumb for women (not counting water you need if you exercise). ¬†So I figured out that our Juicy Juice bottles are 64 oz (nearly 2 liters) and so I’m filling one of those each morning and trying to finish it by around lunchtime. ¬†That way, anything beyond that just puts me over the 2 liter mark.

It’s gone really well this week and I think some of the brain-fog I’ve been experiencing was reduced this week. ¬†Last night is the first time I finished the bottle right before bed. ¬†So, on the whole a successful week.

This next week I’m going to go ahead and attempt… wait for it… ¬†TWO new ideas. ¬†I know, pick yourself off the floor. ¬†I figure that eventually there will be a week I’ll flake on, so if I can get a bit ahead, that will be ok. And I’m really needing these next two so…

Week 3: #1 РEating your Frog & #40  Plan Weekly Meetings with your Spouse.

Eating your frog relates to doing the thing you most dread first each day so that it’s a cake walk from there on out. ¬†I have been thinking for the last three weeks — wondering what my frog is… ¬†And I couldn’t figure out. ¬†I mean, there are MANY MANY things I hate to do — how do I pick just one? ¬†But then it hit me. ¬†What is the thing that just never GETS done. ¬†That would clearly win the prize as the thing I hated the most, right?

So I looked around the house and it was crystal clear from the piles of CLEAN clothes on every possible surface — on my bed (placed there in the morning with the HOPES they will magically fold themselves, but by 11pm must be moved into some sort of other container so I can sleep), in every possible basket shaped vessel available in the house, in a pile on the couch, in overflowing baskets in front of the dryer… ¬†I don’t mind DOING the laundry. ¬†I don’t mind starting the washer and moving things to the dryer. ¬†What I hate is FOLDING AND PUTTING AWAY clothes. ¬†SO. ¬†That’s my frog.

Before I came in to do breakfast this morning, I folded 3 big baskets of clothes. ¬†Last month, I had put little signs in the boys rooms on their shelves (to indicate short/long pants, short/long-sleeved shirts, underwear, pjs, socks) and had taught them how to put their own clothes away, so once I folded this morning, they came and put things away. ¬†Granted, I didn’t put my OWN clothes away, but that is because of THIS project I started yesterday (refinishing my grandparent’s dresser).

And as for #40, Brent and I had a very busy week last week and this week isn’t looking much better. ¬†We “missed” each other quite a bit — forgetting to fill the other in on appointments/meetings and just didn’t get to touch base much. ¬†So, I think a weekly meeting is a great idea and I hope we can work it into being a habit quickly. ¬†We will start tonight after my Weight Watchers training.

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On the first of January I was shocked out of my laissez-faire attitude towards moving with the arrival of an email from NAS Whidbey Island which began:

“It’s approximately 90 days until your PCS date and you are probably starting to plan your move.”


I’ve been saying all along that we’d be moving in April or May. ¬†But since orders hadn’t (and haven’t) come through yet, I just kept sort of bee-bopping along. ¬†Happy with our life as it is and assuming the future would unfold in a timely manner.

I don’t know about you, but NINETY DAYS is no kind of “timely” as far as I’m concerned.

It was about 9pm when I received the email and I’d been getting ready to go to bed (having stayed up until the ungodly hour of 1am the night before to watch the bell get donged again and again and again (and 105 more agains) in Japan). ¬†BUT, when the email came in, my heart started racing and my mind began to whirl around like a dervish (btw, did you ever see the Amazing Race where we got to actually find out what the heck a whirling dervish is???). ¬†I spent the next 3 hours making lists that go something like:

January Week 1:  Loose my mind.

January Week 2:  Find mind and make it write lists.



All of this brought to mind the fun of sitting down with Brent, having just gotten engaged, and typing our wedding date into¬†TheKnot.com. ¬†In the upper left hand corner of the screen, a cute little boxed popped up that said, “88 days til the big day!” ¬†And then when I clicked on the “Calendar of Things to Do” I was like¬†six months behind on things I was supposed to have done in order to be allowed to get married. ¬†Sigh.

But, the big day DID come 88 days later, and all was perfect.  So.  BIG BREATH.

I haven’t actually done any of the January Week One things yet, but I did get a bee in my bonnet about the boxes and boxes and boxes (and add 105 more here) of kid’s clothes we seem to have upstairs. ¬†Rumor has it that there are a couple shops around that buy good kid’s clothes. ¬†And being the¬†Dave Ramsey devotee that I am, I intend to “sell so much, the kids think they’re next…” ¬†So I now have 2 boxes to try to sell, and 3 boxes that I will attempt to take to the flea market.

Unfortunately, I hate flea markets. ¬†I hate that I’ve already discounted these things down WAY past what they are worth but you STILL try to offer me half the price. ¬†So I’ve been thinking that I’m going to decide EVERYTHING is 100 yen ($1) but say it’s 200 yen. ¬†That way, I can come down a ton and still get more than I wanted. ¬†I’m hoping to visit¬†Camp Courtney’s flea market this weekend and then take stuff to sell in two weeks. ¬†Will keep you posted.

But the count is on.

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